Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services

Provided by World Travel Protection

Travel Assistance, Medical Assistance and Emergency Services can be accessed by calling World Travel Protection at 1-800-945-1235 or, from outside the U.S. or Canada, call collect*: 1-416-572-3634.

Not a care in the world … when you have our 24/7 global network to assist you

  • Travel Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Emergency Services

Travel Assistance

Travel Arrangements

  • Arrangements for last-minute flight and hotel changes
  • Luggage Locator (reporting/tracking of lost, stolen or delayed baggage)
  • Hotel finder and reservations
  • Airport transportation
  • Rental car reservations and automobile return
  • Coordination of travel for visitors to bedside
  • Return travel for dependent/minor children
  • Assistance locating the nearest embassy or consulate
  • Cash transfers
  • Assistance with bail bonds

Pre-trip Information

  • Destination guides (hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • Weather updates and advisories
  • Passport requirements
  • Currency exchange
  • Health and safety advisories

Documents and Communication

  • Assistance with lost travel documents or passports
  • Live email and phone messaging to family and friends
  • Emergency message relay service
  • Multilingual translation and interpretation services

Medical Assistance and Managed Care

  • Medical case management, consultation and monitoring
  • Medical Transportation
  • Dispatch of a doctor or specialist
  • Referrals to local medical and dental service providers
  • Worldwide medical information, up-to-the-minute travel
  • medical advisories, and immunization requirements
  • Prescription drug replacement
  • Replacement of eyeglasses, contact lenses and dental appliances

Emergency Services

  • Emergency legal assistance
  • Emergency medical payment assistance
  • Emergency family travel arrangements

* If you have any difficulty making this collect call, contact the local phone operator to connect you to a US-based long-distance service. In this case, please let the Assistance Provider answering the phone know the number you are calling from, so that he/she may call you back. Any charges for the call will be considered reimbursable benefits.

Note that the problems of distance, information, and communications make it impossible for United States Fire Insurance Company, Aon Affinity, Flight Centre USA, or World Travel Protection to assume any responsibility for the availability, quality, use, or results of any emergency service. In all cases, you are still responsible for obtaining, using, and paying for your own required services of all types.