Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why should I purchase Cover-More travel protection?

A. We know travelers want some peace of mind and it’s important to protect yourself from unfortunate and unforeseen occurrences that threaten to put a dampener on your plans. By purchasing Cover-More travel protection, you could receive reimbursement for cancellation penalties, medical costs, baggage loss and delays, as well as gain access to traveler assistance services.

Q. What does it cover?

A. Cover-More Travel Protection offers cover for things that matter: pre-trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, emergency evacuation/repatriation, medical expenses for sickness or accident, baggage protection and baggage delay. Cover-More Options includes the Cancel For Any Reason benefit for extra protection.

Q. Is there help while I'm traveling?

A. Our 24/7 global assistance network will look after you. Our assistance services are provided by World Travel Protection.

Q. I have a pre-existing medical condition, why should I buy the cover?

A. Please keep in mind that some medical conditions would not be considered pre-existing under the terms of the plan. Please refer to the certificate for terms of the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion.

Q. Where can I call for more information?

A. You may call Aon Affinity, the plan administrator on 1-800-539-9277 with any questions.

Q. Where can I view Aon Affinity’s Privacy Notice?

A. Please visit


Q. When is payment for the plan due and how do I enroll?

A. It is in your best interest to purchase travel protection at time of deposit.

Q. When does coverage go into effect and will it cover me for the entire length of my trip?

A. Trip Cancellation takes effect upon our receipt of the required payment. All other benefits will take effect at 12:01 A.M. on your scheduled departure date and location. Your coverage will remain valid until 11:59 P.M. of your scheduled completion date or your return to your origination point as stated on your tickets, whichever is earlier. Please see our certificate for detailed information.


Q. What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

A. Please contact your travel agent and Aon Affinity as soon as possible in the event of a claim, as your coverage will not reimburse for any additional charges incurred due to a delay in notifying your agent or Aon Affinity of your cancellation.

Q. What happens if my traveling companion cancels their trip but I still want to travel?

A. If your Traveling Companion cancels for a covered reason listed in the certificate and you are forced to pay a ‘change in occupancy’ fee or single supplement charge, there may be coverage for this expense.

Q. What if bad weather is predicted where I plan to travel? Will my policy refund me if I cancel my trip?

A. No. There is no reimbursement for trip cancellation due to weather predictions. However, the plan does provide trip cancellation reimbursement if your airline is delayed due to inclement weather.

Q. How do I get reimbursement if my bags and/or personal items are damaged/stolen/lost while I am traveling?

A. First, obtain verification from the appropriate authority to whom you reported the loss, for example, airline, cruise line, hotel, transportation official, police, etc. Also be sure to save any store receipts you may have for the original purchases.

On your return home, request a claim form by calling Aon Affinity on 1-800-539-9277 or visiting

You will be asked to complete the form and submit copies of this information along with your claim form, in addition to any response you may have received from your homeowners, renters, or the Air Common Carrier who may have responsibility for insurance in regard to this loss. You may be reimbursed for items damaged/stolen/lost while traveling up to the limit described in the certificate. The baggage portion of the plan may also reimburse the cost of repair or replacement for the luggage and covered contents inside the luggage.

Q. If I receive covered medical care while on my trip, are my medical bills covered?

A. Yes. The plan may reimburse your co-payments or deductibles, up to the limits specified in the certificate. Upon your return home, please contact Aon Affinity to file a claim and forward copies of your medical bills and any explanation of benefit forms that you may have received from your regular health insurer(s).

Q. What are the covered medical expenses if I become sick or injured while on my trip?

A. There is coverage for an array of medical expenses which could be incurred as a result of a covered sickness or injury. The plan provides Accident and Sickness Medical Expense benefits for necessary services and supplies which are recommended by the attending physician.

Q. How do I file a claim?

A. In the event of a claim please contact Aon Affinity, our Plan Administrator on 1-800-539-9277. between Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm ET. If you plan to cancel your trip due to an eligible reason please call your travel agent to avoid additional expenses due to late notification and then call Aon Affinity immediately to initiate the claims process.

You can also file a claim by logging onto and completing the Claim Information Request Form. Claim forms will be mailed to you within two to three business days.

For medical emergencies during your trip which require evacuation or interruption, promptly call World Travel Protection, the assistance company, with your policy number and details.

Q. How do I check on the status of my claim?

A. To check the status of your claim you can contact Aon Affinity on 1-800-539-9277 or you can email questions to Aon Affinity at


Q. Who is a covered ‘Immediate Family Member’ under the plan?

A. Our definition of immediate family is quite broad. It’s not just family members who reside with you. Instead, immediate family includes: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews among others. See the Definitions section of the certificate for a listing.

Q. Are there exclusions?

A. Certain restrictions do apply. For example, the plan does not provide duplicate payments if there are other sources of reimbursement available. Please see the certificate for the plan terms, conditions and exclusions.